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PrimeVote, an independent telephone broker, compares the best long distance, dial around and calling card values on the market today. We recommend lowest rates without compromising quality!  Best long distance rates within USA and overseas.


International Calling Cards and Dial Around


Calling Cards (also called phone cards or telephone cards) became another distribution channel for selling telecommunication overcapacity. Cards come as pre-paid, post-paid and rechargeable. 

Buying calling card pay attention to card expiration (unless no expiration card), maintenance fees (if any), billing increments (usually 1min, 3 min or even more) and other card features and restrictions.  Usually when you make many short calls cards with short billing increments are your choice. They can come even with 1 sec increments. When you make few long calls then the billing increment is not important, but then the calling rate is important.

Dial Around services require you to dial a dialaround access number before making a call (numbers like 10-10, 1-800, see PIC for the whole list ).  There is no need to change your long distance carrier.  Companies that provide Dial Around services often buy wholesale priced minutes from major telecommunication carriers and resell them at 40% - 60% off. Click Dial Around to compare dial around choices. 

Which one to use?  It depends on countries you call. #1 recommendation - Nobelcom - no taxes, no fees, no minimums. All cards have low rates and good or excellent quality, and they sell very well what is another confirmation of their quality. Attention: We discontinued promoting Tel3 products in 2018 due to company uncertain financial situation and performance.


 Verify who is your long distance companyTelecom data. Calling Australia.

Long distance rates change often and there are always better deals.  PrimeVote monitors rates and posts the best values on the web.  Check with us periodically to get the best long distance, dialaround and calling cards rates available. Some country pages: Australia, China, Iraq.